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  1. 4 You Kids Bookcase for 2 Door Wardrobe by Vox
    Special Price £99.00 Regular Price £199.00
  2. Teepee Cloth Stand for Kids | Children's Clothing Rack
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £119.00
  3. Scandi Kids House Shaped Storage Unit -Tall
    Special Price £259.00 Regular Price £399.00
  4. Beautiful & Unique Scandi Kids House Shaped Storage Unit
    Special Price £249.00 Regular Price £389.00
  5. Kendal Nursery Bookcase
    Special Price £385.00 Regular Price £550.00
  6. Pearl Nursery Bookcase
    Special Price £319.00 Regular Price £525.00
  7. Toffy Nursery Bookshelf
    Special Price £235.00 Regular Price £450.00
  8. Allpin White Kids Bookcase
    Special Price £329.00 Regular Price £649.00
  9. Bianka Bookcase in White
    Special Price £259.99 Regular Price £519.00
  10. Zara White Bookcase
    Special Price £229.00 Regular Price £459.00
  11. Lotta Modern Kids Bookcase
    Special Price £239.00 Regular Price £469.00
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Baby Bedroom Bookcases

Maintaining a children’s room clean and safe can be something of a challenge. Functional pieces like children bookcases can get the job done, at least one step closer to this goal. However, this is the case when you choose the right baby bookcases. Always bear in mind the age of your child when choosing a new bookcase to guarantee that you are making the right decision regarding functionality and, most importantly, safety. No need to worry, Kiddic offers a broad range of reliable baby bedroom and nursery bookcases for every age and stage in your children’s lives to ensure they are paired with the right option.

As you children age their interests expand so do their possessions, so you will need more space in your children’s room to accommodate your loved one's needs and hobbies. As such Kiddic offers you a wide variety of choices which you may not find in top high street London nursery furniture shops.

For toddlers, if you are looking for children’s bookcases for your baby bedroom, safety is going to be the most important aim. The ideal nursery storage for this age group is short and should not have shelves for the child to climb and place themselves in danger. Although, that does not mean you need to sacrifice on the size of your children’s bookcase. You can find wider shelves that give you plenty of shelf space without making the furniture exceptionally high.

For school-aged children, storage becomes a more significant concern. As children get older and become more adventurous in life outside, so they seem to gather more belongings. Children’s bookcases that offers come in many sizes to which give more than needed space to allow your children the freedom to neatly put away their toys and other belongings with absolute ease. This will help you to keep your children’s room organized as they grow over the time since all your children’s old toys and stuffed animals will have to give space to other stuff. Also, when your child uses our children’s bookcases, they may even eventually learn to stay organised all on their own, which is the primary purpose of it all.

During the teen period, older children are naturally focused on becoming more adult-like. They tend to mimic their parents, so they want to appear more responsible and they also want their room to be a reflection of their personality, hobbies, and age. When shopping for children’s bookcases for this age group, larger, more traditional pieces are ideal. Try to look for children’s bookshelves with neutral colours as opposed to the usual baby associated blue or pink shelves that most toddlers and children’s rooms have. This type of children’s bookcases will be more appreciated by your child since they will have a shelf in a colour that suits them and a bookcase that will accommodate their newfound individuality.

When you put the time and effort to consider the age of your children while shopping for baby bedroom furniture, you can be confident that your children will be in love with their new piece of furniture, but also that they will be safe since it is coming from Kiddic. Once you know the type of children’s bookcases you are looking for, you can rest assured that Kiddic has the designs, colours, and styles that will be best suited for your children’s precious space. Buying a new bookcase might even make your child fall in love with reading all over again, which is a marvellous gift you can give your loved ones. So, check out our selection of children’s bookcases and get ready to find the shelf that’s right for you.