Kids Shelves

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Personalize Kids Room with our Unique Kids Shelves

When you choose the shelves for your little ones it will always consider their age just to make sure you are making the right decision in terms of functions, safety, quality, and especially guarantee. It also depends on the gender of your little ones. The baby girl would prefer different color, design and size of the shelves. Here we are offering a different kind of shelves for the nursery rooms who will be completed with these shelves. If you are looking for shelves for toddler’s room because of their safety or having more space for their stuff then our shelves will definitely fascinate you. The extra-wide shelves will provide the maximum space for your stuff but it’s also accessible to your child. The shelves should be in exciting shapes like star, triangle, cloud or geometric designs to bring a unique personality to your little one’s room. It will help you to fit the photo frames, toys and other memorable stuff which you want to see in front of you.

Install a pair of our floating shelves and keep their childhood photo books on the floating bookcase. I believe that they will have great memories in future. The float shelves are perfect for their stationery, pencils, bins of art supplies and other desk essentials. You can install these shelves without heavy effort. Just in 2-5 minutes, the floating shelves will carry the towel, bathrobe and many more. You may fit them in the shared room.

On the other hand, the beautiful pair of our cloud shelves finishes in snow white painted finish. The cloud shelves are available in simple white, pink, grey, and especially in white & oak. The oak is not colored. The rest are made by solid wood, MDF and have been painted finish. These shelves are designed to sit away from the wall to give a stunning shadow behind the clouds. It gives great impression. You can install them with any of your favorite plugs on the wall. The cloud shelves are especially made for the baby nursery but you may fit them in any other room. The clouds will build a romantic & fresh environment in your room. The single cloud shelve is longer then pair ones but it is for single use and has 4-5 hangers under the shelf. The cloud, shelf and then hangers are the perfect combination.

The wall shelves are available in different styles where you can choose your favorite one. Some of them are attached with each other and some are individuals but all are made by solid material and can carry the heavy weight of your kids’ stuff. The wall book shelves are also available in different sizes and designs. The wall book shelves are especially made by everyone where the kids, toddlers, teen aged and adults can keep their books, documents, and many more. Especially the wall book shelves are important for office use if you want to make you home office; it can be the perfect choice. You can keep your favorite novels, lamps, books, and all the official stuff for daily use. It will create an elegant look in you’re the room. The book shelf in the home is symbol of the intellectual person whom can’t sleep without reading some interesting. All the shelves are made by solid wood, material and plywood and can play a perfect role to carry the phot frames, toys, and further documents for daily use.