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It’s tempting to move a toddler to a big bed the minute they turn three, but many toddlers are not ready until closer to 3. Toddlers can become very attached to their crib and the associations with it (being a baby and security). Ideally, the best time to make the transition is when your child asks for it. 

It’s Time to jump on a toddler bed? Kiddic is the right place to find one then! Crafted from solid pinewood in a solid finish, this piece features a sleigh style headboard and footboard, as well as convenient guard rails on either side to ensure your little one is safe as they snooze. Embrace the special moment when your little one is ready for their first ‘big-kid’ with the Hillside Toddler Slat Bed. Boasting elegant arches and timeless design, this bed provides a comfortable place for your child to rest throughout the most important developmental phase of their life. Made of sustainable, high-quality European pine wood and composites, this fully-slatted design offers guardrails on either side of the bed for added security. The Height is perfect for children to climb, sit and play in. Space under is excellent for storage baskets with toys. The side protections will keep your little ones safe and cosy night. The whole wooden house bed is made of strong, sustainable, birch, plywood, and can easily hold a child and parent next to for an evening read and a goodnight kiss. Scandinavian simplicity that characterizes the bed blends in perfectly with many furnishings.

Questions and Answers you may find essential

What is the Right Time to Introduce?

Ideally, you should wait until the baby is at least 15 to 18 months old and capable enough to stay secure in a toddler bed. Also, check if the toddler is ready to move into a bigger bed. If your toddler continually resists sleeping there even at the age of 18 months, don’t push them. Give it a break and try after a few weeks or a month. Most kids get used to sleeping in by the time they are 20 months old.

What are the Dimensions?

The dimensions of the bed should at least be 51 5/8 inches (130cm) in length and 27 1/4 inches (69cm) in width. Scandinavian toddler beds with storage (or without) in bigger sizes are available too. Popular toddler size is 160x80 as it lasts for long (until 7-10 Years) and at the same time it is not a massive change for your little one as it would be if you switch a baby cot to a propper UK single kids bed size.

What Are The Benefits of Wooden House Toddler Beds?

It offers the following advantages.

1.    Transitioning to a grown-up bed: The beds lie somewhere between a crib and a full-size adult bed and make transitioning to a grown-up or adult bed easier.
2.    Safer than full-size bed: The beds are lower than a full-size bed and also feature some guard rails. Toddlers can sleep safely in the bed until they are old enough to sleep in a full-size bed.
3.    Makes things easier for the parents: Cribs lock the toddlers inside, crippling their movement and making them dependent on the parent for everything. A junior bed gives the child the freedom to get on and off the bed on their own.
4.    Most of our house beds follow the Montessori approach which is a very popular trend in bringing up kids. It is proved by the science that Montessori bed and following the Montessori approach will help your kids and toddlers, to build self-reliance, confidence as well develops many other skills.