Daisy Classic Cot Bed in Grey

Daisy Victorian cot in grey. Baby cot either a cot bed is a must be for little one's bedroom. You will need that from the first days when you and your little luvvy are at home. 
You don't need wardrobes and chests from the start and you can purchase all that later but having a safe and comfortable place to sleep should be a priority when decorating the nursery. Daisy grey cot is a stylish piece designed for small nursery spaces. It has a lot of unique decors and it truly looks like a cot bed taken from Victorian times. 

If you look for a baby cot UK you will see loads of different styles however we believe Daisy grey cot is unique and you won't find similar anywhere else than at kiddic! If you look cot and chest set then you should know daisy cot bed in grey has got complementary furniture (chest with a dressing table or nursery wardrobe). 
Daisy cot is available in 2 colours and sizes. 60x120 mattress size cm as shown or 140x70 cot bed with drawer. Both come in white or grey.

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Daisy Classic Cot Bed in Grey
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Height 80
Width 132
Depth 72
Delivery Times 2-4 Weeks
Mattress Size 120x60cm
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